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Alsager Chess Club AGM Agenda 2012

Date: 17-07-2012

Alan Thomason, Chairman

The Annual General meeting of The Alsager Chess Club will take place at The Radway Club on Tuesday, 17/07/2011from 20:00 to 21:00

1) Apologies

2) Minutes of the last AGM

3) Chairperson's Report

4) Secretary's Report

5) Treasurer's Report

6) Captain's Report

7) Motions

  • Annual Subscription to include ECF membership in line with the new NSDCA rules:

                  "No player may play more than three games in NSDCA events unless they are a member of the ECF." 

8) Election of Officers:

  • Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

9) Any Other Business

  • Selected competitions for the 2012-2013 season  

10) Date for next AGM



Notes from AGM 17th July 2012   8pm Alsager CC


In attendance: Alan, Steve, Les, Brian, Richard, Andy, Doug, Neville


1   Acceptance of minutes from last AGM (available on website)


2   Chairmans report


Alan reported that the club was in a good position members wise and

we currently have 23 members and that we are now considered to be

 one of the most well supported clubs in the area.


3   Secretary's report


Alan (again)  reported he had been to the League AGM and the biggest

discussion was about the new ECF membership scheme, more to be discussed



He said that he had entered 4 teams in the league and also 4 cup



4   Treasurer's report


Alan ( yet again )  reported that through a mixture of sponsorship and

member's fees we had managed to pay league and cup fees and managed

to stay in the black ( just )


5  Election of officers


Chairman:   Alan stepped down and Steve Brown was elected


Treasurer: Alan was re-elected (with an offer of help from Neville Jones)


Secretary: Alan stepped down and Les Hall was elected


6 Election of Captains


after some discusions it was decided on the following


Div 1

Alan Thomason


Div 2

Alan Thomason


Div 3

Andy Barker


Div 4

Richard Martin


Cup competitions Captains


Open Comp  Alan Thomason


Major Comp Alan Thomason


Intermediate Comp Neville Jones


Minor Comp Neville Jones


7 Club Subscriptions


These were set at £8.00 per member due to the change in ECF

membership, Alan has said that to avoid complication and to receive a discount

if you wish to join the ECF ( to play league games and or congresses) he will do a

block membership joining for the club - however - members must pay their fees by 31 Aug 2012 to take advantage of this.


These fees must be paid by the 1st September


The fee for joining the ECF are in 4 levels








Platinum All singing and dancing Level


If you want further details see the ECF website


There is a £1.00 discount for joining online which Alan is doing as stated earlier


 8 Any other business


It was discussed that we should try to have CORE players within the

various teams, this was accepted in general and was worked out and Team

captains will be informed of these seperately


It was agreed that the club membership year starts 1st September annually