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Fixtures & Results 2011
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The league will consist of one division only and will be referred to as the South Cheshire Shield.
It is in effect a mini-league in that it will run between May 1st and no later than end of September each year.

(a) Teams will consist of four players. All players must be graded under 140 of whom no more than two may be graded in the range 131 - 139.
(b) Ungraded players must be approved by the League Secretary before they shall be permitted to play in this Division. 
(c) Each club can field one team consisting of four players.
(d) There is no limit to the number of players available to each club when selecting each match team.
(e) Each club is not obliged to publish their player pool at the start of each season. This is to allow maximum flexibility.

All matches shall be played on premises approved by the Committee.

(a) All games played in the South Cheshire Shield are subject to payment of the ECF's Game Fee Scheme charges and all games will be graded.
(b) Each participating club will pay an equal share of the cost to the ECF unless a sponsor is found.
(c) The home team will be responsible for any rent due for the purpose of hiring of venue.

(a) A won match shall count two points to the winning team, and a drawn match shall count one point to each team.
(b) In each Division the trophy shall be held by the club of the team securing the highest number of points.
(c) When two or more teams tie for any place, the game score shall decide ranking.
(d) When two teams in contention for the Divisional title are equal both in match points and game score, a further match shall be played between them to decide the issue, and if this is drawn then board count shall operate.
(e) If a club withdraws a team from the League during the season, its results and unplayed matches will be treated in the following manner:
    - If the withdrawn team has played 50% or more of its matches then those completed match results will stand. Unplayed matches will be awarded to the opponents. Game points for unplayed matches will be: withdrawn team, nil; opponents, the average of the total game points scored by them in all their other matches in the Division (to the nearest game point), subject to a minimum score of 50% of the game points available per match plus 1.
    - If the withdrawn team has played less than 50% of its matches then those results will all be annulled.
    - games played will be submitted for grading whether the withdrawn team's results stand or are annulled.

(a) A player, having played for one Member Club in the competition, shall not be eligible to play for any other Member Club in the same season. An eligible player from another club may, however, play in any Division Team but may not play for different Division Teams in the same season.
(b) Unless the Committee shall rule otherwise, each breach of any part of this shall involve the deduction of one half point from the score of matches of the offending team.The penalty for fielding an ineligible player shall in addition be the loss of the game concerned; the match score shall show “ineligible player”. However, the game will still count for grading on the basis of the actual result of the game.

Committee will consist of one representive from each participating club. A League Secretary will be appointed prior to start of play each season.

The Rules of Play shall be drawn up by the Committee, who shall manage the competition and settle all disputes and questions arising therein.

(a) Each club will play a home and away match against each other club. Therefore if there are three participating teams, each club will play  a total of 4 matches.
(b) The captain of each club will be responsible for contacting the captain of each participating club as the season progresses  to arrange mutually convenient date and venues for their home and away matches.
(c) If a team gives less than 72 hours notice of their inability to complete a fixture then the game will be lost by default unless both captains agree to play the fixture on another date.
(d) If a team defaults a match without giving any prior warning, a penalty of 1 match point will be deducted from that team’s results n addition to the points lost on the defaulted game.

(a) Matches will start no later than 7.30pm unless notification has been given of an earlier start time to the relevant team. 
(b) White’s clock should be started at the agreed time for play commencement irrespective of his/her attendance.
(c) The rate of play will be 36 moves in l¼ hours, with the clocks being turned back 15 minutes for a finish. (ECF quickplay rules to apply).
(d) The away team shall have white pieces on odd numbered boards.
(e) Match captains will exchange completed team list showing players, grades and playing order prior to the start of play.
(f) Players shall be listed in order of strength, with the strongest player on board 1 etc.
(g) Playing strength will be defined as the published ECF current grade +/- 5 grading points. 
    - As an example, player A, whose ECF grade is 90 has a playing strength of 85-95. Player B who has an ECF grade of 100 has a playing strength of 95-105.  Player A can therefore play either above or below the board of player B, the decision being made by the team captain. In summary, where a player with a lower grade plays above a player with a higher grade then there can be no more than 10 points difference in their respective grades. In cases of dispute the views of the League Secretary should be sought prior to play.
(h) Players without a current ECF grade shall be recorded based on their current estimated grade if available. Otherwise, they will be recorded as “u/g”  and 
must play below all other graded players in that team. However where it is 
apparent that such a classification is not appropriate then the team captain will liaise with the league secretary and an estimated grade for that season shall be allocated.
(i) A team fields a player out of order then that board and all lower boards played during the match shall be forfeited and the team resulted adjusted accordingly.
(j) In the case of the unexpected, but bona fide absence of a player, a substitute may be provided only 30 minutes after the start of play.  Unless both captains agree, the substitute may not be of a higher published grade (+/- 10 points as above) than the original nominated player. Play will continue without the clock being re- started. This means that the substitute will start only after 30 minutes has elapsed on their clock.
(k) Both Match Captains must forward the detailed results in the approved format and manner within 48 hours of the match being played.

 Effective from June 2011

Addendum - 7-6-2011 (A E Thomason)

Proposed Committee for 2011 is Julian Cook (Kidsgrove), Alan Thomason (Alsager) and George Scatterwood (Holmes Chapel). I would like to propose Julian 
Cook as Secretary, and myself as Results Administrator.

 Revision - 8-6-2011 (A E Thomason)

"A won match shall count two points to the winning team, and a drawn match shall count one point to each team."

 Revision - 21-9-2011 (A E Thomason)

Grades used for the purpose of eligibility for all matches will be the published grades at the start of the competition.