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9th Dec 2012

Monday night saw our B Team visit Holmes Chapel. where the Pawns came out 3 - 1 winners, despite a good win for Steve brown on board 2, the match scores were:

Board1 Martin Gill 1 v Doug Barnett 0
Board 2 George Scattergood 0 v Steve Brown 1
Board 3 Dave Price 1 v John Smith 0
Board 4 Paul Clifford 1 v Neville Jones 0

Tuesday night saw our C Team in action at home to Meir B, who sat just above us in the table, although having played 1 more game, with a good draw from Brian on board1 and wins from James and Capt. Andy on boards 2 & 3 we came out 2.5 - 1.5 winners and leapfrogging Meir into 4th place in the table, the scores were as follows:

Board 1 Brian Birchall ½ v Clive Ferry ½
Board 2 James Kingston 1 v Tom Healey 0
Board 3 Andy Barker 1 v Tony Cooling 0
Board 4 Les Hall 0 v Stuart Green 1

14th Dec 2012

Tuesday night saw the B Team host  Cheddleton D, the visitors came with a strong team, which included the recently appointed new ECF President, Roger Edwards playing on board 1, some tight matches unfolded, with the home side gaining a good 3 - 1 win, the scores were as follows:

Board 1 Steve Brown ½ v Roger Edwards ½
Board 2 John  Smith 1 v Roger Walker 0
Board 3 Brian Birchall 1 V David Hallen 0
Board 4 Neville Jones ½ V Ali Arshad ½

8th Dec. 2012

On Tues. night the B Team had a game at home to Newcastle  C, Doug again struggled to make a team and at the last minute Steve Brown stepped into the breach, and despite his good win and Brian picking up a point also, we then discovered we were overgraded, and the draw became a loss, scores as follows:
Board 1 Doug Barnett 0 v Alan Paling 1
Board 2 Steve Brown 1 v Paul Clapham
Board 3 Brian Birchall 1 v Steve Cooper
Board 4 Les Hall 0 v Derrick Jones 1

On Weds  night the D Team played a game at Holmes Chapel Tiny Pawns, were they had a good draw, wins by Michael on board 2 and Dick on 4 were enough to secure the draw, scores were:

Board 1 George scattergood 1 v Frank Clarke 0
Board 2 Carmel Barwick 0 v Michael matar 1
Board 3 Ellen Scattergood 1 v Oliver Horrocks 0
Board 4 Isaac Barwick 0 v Dick martin 1

29th Nov 2012

Last night ( Weds ) saw a depleted B Team out at Newcastle, unable to raise a full team, they suffered a bit of a mauling, Doug earning a hard draw and Dick hanging on for dear life on Board 2, the scores were:

Board 1 John Amison ½ v Doug Barnett ½
Board 2 Pete Shaw 1 v Dick Martin 0
Board 3 Carl Mustafa 1 v Les Hall 0
Board 4 John Day 1 v Default 0

Alan has stepped down as Captain of the B Team and we have appointed Doug Barnett as new Captain, good luck to him for the rest of the season.

On Tuesday night the D Team earned a creditable draw against leaders Fenton B, wins by Neville on Board 1 and Frank on Board 2 were enough to share the points, the scores were as follows:

Board 1 Neville Jones 1 v Geoff Yates 0
Board 2 Frank Clarke 1 v Stuart Hull 0
Board 3 Oliver Horrocks 0 v Derek Whitehurst 1
Board 4 Dick Martin 0 v Ernie Wilkinson 1

6th Nov 2012
The D Team played a Division 4 match at Cheddleton G on Friday night, just losing out 2.5 - 1.5 despite a win by Oliver on board 3 and a draw by Neville on board 1, the scores were as follows:

Board 1 Alex Cartlidge ½ v Neville Jones ½
Board 2 Jacob Cartlidge 1 v Michael Matar 0
Board 3 Paul Shelley 0 v Oliver Horrocks 1
Board 4 David Millington 1 v Dick Martin 0

The inaugural Doubles tournament takes place at Holmes Chapel this Sat 1st Dec and Martyn is looking for entries as soon as possible, contact him via his Newcastle website or me if having difficulties, it would be nice if the club could be well represented.

Check out the performance grades upto date as of beginning of Nov.

21st Nov 2012

Last night saw Alsager play the Intermediate Cup game against Holmes Chapel, a close battle on all boards saw the Hosts run out 3.5 to 1.5 winners, a good win on board 1 by Frank and a draw on board 2 by Neville was not quite enough to help the cause, scores were:

Board 1 Sandra Blackburn 0 v Frank Clarke 1
Board 2 Martin Gill ½ v Neville Jones ½
Board 3 George Scattergood 1 v Oliver Horrocks 0
Board 4 Dave Price 1 v Dick Martin 0
Board 5 Paul Clifford 1 v Les Hall 0

14th Nov 2012
Last night the C Team had a good win against Fenton C at the cricket club, good wins by Brian on board 1 and James on board 2 with a draw by Captain Andy securing the win, this keeps them in joint 2nd place, the result is as follows:

Board 1 Brian Birchall 1 v Steve Emerton 0
Board 2 James Kingston 1 v Jason Plant 0
Board 3 Andy Barker
 ½ v Stuart Hull ½
Board 4 Les Hall 0 v Robert West 1

There was also a major cup tie at Holmes Chapel, where Alan took a team of under 150 players, we had a bit of hard luck according to Alan and came away with a 3 - 2 loss, the result was as follows:

Board 1 Jon Blackburn ½ v Alan Thomason ½
Board 2 Ian Chester 1 v Doug Barnett 0
Board 3 Sandra Blackburn ½ v Steve Brown ½
Board 4 John Hicks ½ v Jack Savas ½
Board 5 Martin Gill ½ V John Smith ½

13th Nov 2012

The C Team gained a creditable draw at Meir B last night with a fine win on board 3 for Oliver to earn the draw.

Board 1  Clive Ferry 0.5 v John Smith 0.5
Board 2 Tom Healey 0.5 v Frank Clarke 0.5
Board 3 Mike Judd 0 v Oliver Horrocks 1
Board 4 Eddie Burke 1 v Dick Martin 0

8th Nov. 2012

Attention all members: The links on the Fixtures page will now direct you to each Division's page complete with upcoming matche's and current tables.

The C Team played a rather one-sided match away at Holmes Chapel Tiny Pawns last night, gaining a good win and moving up to joint 3rd in the table, although it is early season yet, the scores are as follows:

H C Tiny Pawns 0 v Alsager C 4

Board 1 Carmel Barwick 0 v Doug Barnett 1
Board 2 Ellen Scattergood 0 v James Kingston 1
Board 3 Paul Barwick 0 v Andy Barker 1
Board 4 Isaac Barwick 0 V Les Hall1

7th Nov. 2012

Hi there Alan has given me ( Les ) free rein on the website, so I will be posting news and results from now on, if there is anything you want me to post get in touch, there is one result from last night as follows:

Alsager D 1.5 v Meir C 2.5

Board 1 John Smith 0.5 v Dave Fuller 0.5

Board 2 Neville jones 0 v Tony Cooling 1

Board 3 Michael Matar 1 v Bob Perry 0

Board 4 Dick Martin 0 v Gwynne Price 1

Keep in touch people and keep winning


Victory in this year's Shield went to Holmes Chapel on games won.
Both Kidsgrove and Holmes Chapel ended up on 8 points each but the Shield will go to Holmes Chapel, well done on snaffling it this year.

Alsager lose second round to Kidsgrove

26th July 2012 With a single win from Andy Barker on board two, Alsager suffered a second defeat in the hands of a stronger Kidsgrove team last night in the South Cheshire Shield. See table here

Derek Northage    1 - 0   Oliver Horrocks
Julian Cook       0 – 1   Andy Barker
Steve Nixon       1 – 0   Dick Martin
Dave Johnson      1 – 0   Les Cross

10th July 2012- The Club AGM will be held on Tuesday 17th July at the Alsager Cricket Club at 8 pm - all members welcome. The meeting should tqke no more than an hour, followed by some friendly rapid play if enough palyers attend.
If any members would like to include any additional items of business, you can email details here

Other News 

  • The NSDCA AGM took place last night at Fenton - you can view Martyn's 'Not the AGM Minutes' report onNewcastle's Web Site.
  • Member's Performance page updated for the up and coming season.


6th July 2012 Holmes Chapel and Kidsgrove drew 2-2 in the SC Shield this week, relegating Alsager to bottom position.

Ben Scattergood  1  Chris Ford  0
George Scattergood  1  Julian Cook  0
David Price  0  Steve Nixon  1
Paul Clifford  0  Dave Johnson  1 

Alsager lose two in a row

24th June 2012 Alsager lost narrowly to Kidsgrove, having defaulted board 4 at home to Kidsgrove in the second match of the South Cheshire Shield. 

A Barker     ½ - ½  D Northage
O Horrocks   1 – 0 C Ford
R Martin     0 – 1 D Johnson
Default      0 – 1 J Cook 

This was followed up with a 4 0 loss by default away to Holmes Chapel this week.

Most humble apologies to Holmes Chapel - Captain Alan has been made to sit in the naughty corner. 

Results sheets will be updated later today

Alsager Win Best Team Prize at Rhyl

20th May 2012  Alsager won the best team prize at the Rhyl Congress. There were eight clubs taking part, with the best three results only from each club counting.

Alan (Major) ½ 2
Doug (Major) ½ 1 1 2 2
Brian (Major) ½ 1 2
Les (Minor) ½ ½ 1 2 3
  5 7 9

Alan won the grading prize in the Major - but the star player was without doubt Les, taking part in only his second ever congress, and scoring three out of five, losing only one game - with his two wins against 120+ graded players - including the number one seed. A fine result Les.

Report from Rhyl  
19th May 2012  Four Alsager stalwarts are taking part in the Rhyl Congress - Alan, Doug and Brian in the Major, and Les in the minor. All four players took a bye in the first round (Alan because he didn't register until 10 minutes before play)

Round 2 - Saturday am. In the second round, Les fell victim to a small tactic which cost him a piece and the game. Doug drew, and Brian also drew against Jon Blackburn - at the end of the game there were two solitary kings left on the board.
Alan, having overslept as usual missed breakfast, but managed to win a fine game with the black pieces against a stronger (157) player - who resigned a rook down in a Kings Indian. 

Round 3 - Saturday pm. Alan drew against another stronger opponent, playing his regular English - although really he should have played on for the win. 

Click here to view Alan's round 2 and 3 games

Unfortunately, Brian, Les and Doug had all finished their games and headed back to Alsager so at this time we do not have any results for them.

Alan is staying on to take in the sea air, with a beautiful sea view from his penthouse suite at the Pier Hotel (recommended!)

End of play Saturday - Alan 2/3, Brian, Les, Doug ?/3

John Smith is Club Champion!   

15th May 2012  After a lengthy break from chess, John played board one this evening against Rob Taylor of Fenton, and his draw was sufficient to qualify for the club championship title - having now played the required 8 matches.

Not only that - with a four percent lead over his nearest rival, Steve Brown, and with a very respectable 3 wins, 5 draws and with no losses, John has won the title.

Steve - keep that space on your shelf reserved for next season - you won't be needing it just yet!

Congratulations John.

Here is the final position at the top of the table - you can view the full table here. 

Name Grade P W D L T Performance
John Smith 120 8 3 5   5.5 69%
Steve Brown 126 10 4 5 1 6.5 65%
Alan Thomason 141 13 5 5 3 7.5 58%
Julian O'Grady 157 9 4 2 3 5 56%
Brian Birchall 126 20 7 8 5 11 55%



Fenton Take Division 3 Title

15th May 2012  Alsager C narrowly lost at home to Fenton B this evening, with a single loss on board four.

Well done to Fenton on winning the division three title.

John Smith  0.5  Rob Taylor  0.5
Brian Birchall  0.5  Derrick Wallace  0.5
Andrew Barker  0.5  Steve Emmerton  0.5
Richard Martin  0  Geoff Yates  1 

First Match of the 2012 South Cheshire Shield

13th May 2012  Alsager played host to Holmes Chapel this Tuesday for the first match of the South Cheshire Shield, winning 3-1.    

Alan Thomason  0 1 Ben Scattergood
Brian Birchall   1 0 George Scattergood
Andy Barker   1 0 Paul Clifford
Dick Martin   1 0 Dave Price

Alsager A Lost to Cheddleton A

13th May 2012  Alsager A lost 4-1 on Tuesday at home to league champions Cheddleton with no individual wins, to finish in third place.

Kamil Zak  0.5  Craig Whitfield  0.5
Julian Kirk-O'Grady  0  Robert Shaw  1
John Booth  0  David Buxton  1
Douglas Barnett  0  Simon Edwards  1
Stephen Brown  0.5  William Armstrong  0.5 

Holmes Chapel Knights escape with a Draw

12th April 2012  Alsager B played their division two home game against Holmes Chapel Knights at the Cricket Club on Tuesday.

Following a fine win by Frank on Board 5, and with draws on boards 1 3 and 4, it was left to Alan to at least draw on board two to score the full two points.

With level material, but with less than three minutes on his clock, 
Alan found himself on the receiving end of a nicely orchestrated Queen and Two Rook battery against which he could not defend successfully.

When the smoke finally cleared, and with seconds remaining on his clock he was a clear pawn down but with Rook and Two Bishops still remaining against Rook, Knight and Bishop. His pin dropped ending the game in Ian's favour.

Note to self - less smoke breaks!

Julian Kirk-O'Grady  0.5  Andy Raeburn  0.5
Alan Thomason  0  Ian Chester  1
Steve Cross  0.5  John Hicks  0.5
Brian Birchall  0.5  Ben Scattergood  0.5
Frank Clarke  1  George Scattergood  0 

A Narrow Loss for Alsager C 

5th April 2012  It was a close a match on Tuesday with Alsager C at home to top-of-the league Cheddleton D.  This was the first game Steve Cross has played for Alsager - a very good draw on board one against strong opposition has earned him an estimated 140 grade. Well done Steve - hope to see more of you.

Alsager C are still third from bottom of division 3, but have four matches remaining - plenty of time to climb up the ladder.

S Cross 0.5 Matthew Carr 0.5
B Birchall 1 Colin Abell 0
A Barker 0 Karol Grzgbowski 1
D Martin 0 Alex Cartlidge 1 

A poor run of results for Alsager

1st April 2012 Alsager B were unable to put a team together on Friday night, and therefore defaulted the match 5-0 to Cheddleton B.

28th March 2012
 Alsager D lost narrowly to Newcastle E to end the season at the bottom of the Division 4 table
Peter Shaw  1  Frank Clarke  0

Paul Clapham  0.5  Neville Jones  0.5
Hamid Shabani  1  Oliver Horrocks  0
Scott McGowan  0  Richard Martin  1   

21st March 2012
 Alsager A lost to  a much stronger Stafford A, with a single win for Simon on Board 1.

Lee Grinsell  0  Simon Hood  1
Malcolm Armstrong  1  Frank Clarke  0
Roger Butters  1  James Kingston  0
Pavlo Nefyodiv  1  Andrew Barker  0
Gerald Acey  1  Default  0 

Meir Make Mere Lightweight of Alsager

21st March 2012 A much stronger Meir C achieved a comfortable win at the Cricket Club against Alsager D last night - despite a win for Oliver on board 3 and a draw from Dick on Board 4

James Kingston    0      Steve Hill  1
Andy Barker         0      D Fuller 1
Olive Horricks     1       R Perry 0
Dick Martin          1/2   D Hackney 1/2

Other News We face Stafford tonight in a crucial division one game, with only two games remaining this season and with a shot at the title. Unfortunately, 80% of our usual team our otherwise engaged. Tonight we need a miracle - bring it on!

Excellent win for Alsager C at home to Newcastle C

15th March 2012 After a run of six losses and only one win out of their last seven matches, Alsager C were very happy to turn the tables on favourites Newcastle C in Division three at the Cricket Club on Tuesday evening, with wins for Brian and Les and a draw from Neville. 

With 5 matches remaining to be played, Neville's team still has a slim chance to finish in the top half of the table.

Brian Birchall   1      Sam Onions    0
Neville Jones  1/2   John Day     1/2
Dick Martin      0      Peter Shaw    1
Les Hall           1       Paul Clapham  0 

Good Turn-out for Alsager at the Newcastle Mini

12th March 2012  Well Done to Doug Barnett who shared first place with Steve Hill and Daniel Sullivan in the Open/U160 this weekend with 3.5/5.

In the Under 130, Brian Birchall finished in second place with 4/5.

Other news - As requested, the Fixtures Page has been extended to show the league table and results for each division.

Alsager will meet Holmes Chapel in the Major Cup final - at home on 17 April.

We're in the Final!

7th March 2012  Battle Lines Were Clearly Drawn last night at the Alsager Cricket Club when two home teams clashed with two Fenton away teams - two teams from each club in close fought battle.

The first match was a division four game, where a weakened Fenton C were fighting to hold on to their position at the top of the league, whilst Alsager D were attempting to put as much distance as possible between themselves and the bottom of the league.
The final result was a draw, with wins from Alsager on Boards one and two.

Brian Birchall  1  Stuart Hull  0
Frank Clarke  1  Mike Smith  0
Richard Martin  0  Geoff Yates  1
Les Hall  0  Derek Whitehurst  1 

The other match was the Major Cup Semi-Final. Fenton were disappointed to be playing a board down when their board 4 player failed to show. No quarter was given - Alsager went on to win a fine match.
Doug, Gordon and Steve drew comfortably on the top three boards, and with a defaulted board 4, James Kingston scored a much needed win on board 5 to make the final score 3.5 to 1.5, seeing us into the Cup Final against either Cheddleton or Holmes Chapel. 

Douglas Barnett  0.5  Rob Taylor  0.5
Gordon Parker  0.5  Derrick Wallace  0.5
Steve Brown  0.5  Steve Emmerton  0.5
Neville Jones  1  Default  0
James Kingston  1  Ernie Wilkinson  0 

Other news - 

  • Frank's estimated grade has been revised up from 60 to 110. Captains - please take note when assessing grade limits! 

  • Steve Brown is now Top of the Performance table, having played the required eight games with good results in the season to date - four wins, four draws and no losses. At 75%, this gives Steve a very comfortable five percentage point advantage over his nearest rival 'chairman Alan'. (You can view performance figures from the Members' page)


Alsager B Show of Strength
27th Feb 2012  Having suffered 4 losses and 1 draw out of their last 5 matches, captain Kamil was determined to show just how strong his team could be - with Simon Hood heading the 5 board squad to a convincing 4-1 victory against Fenton A last night - with no losses - only to be expected with a grade advantage averaging 25 points per board.

Credit has to go to Fenton on boards 3 and 4 for holding the draw against strong opposition.

Well done B!

Derrick Wallace  0  Simon Hood  1
Rob Taylor  0  Kamil Zak  1
Neal Davies  0.5  Klaudia Zak  0.5
Mike Smith  0.5  Neville Jones  0.5
Geoff Yates  0  Oliver Horrocks  1 

Alsager C gain ground in division three

25th Feb 2012  Alsager won two vital points at Kidsgrove last night, thanks to wins from John on board one and Richard on board 4. Derek Northage  0  John Booth  1
Julian Cook  0.5  Neville Jones  0.5
Steve Nixon  1  Oliver Horrocks  0
Dave Johnson  0  Richard Martin  1 

21st Feb 2012  The NSDCA have revised the estimated grades for all of our members who are currently ungraded, and the members page on this site has been updated accordingly.

Team captains please take note that the new grades are to be applied for the remainder of this season. 

(We have queried Frank's grade as it appears to be too low, but in any case revised grades will be applied until we hear otherwise. )

18th Feb 2012 
 It has been a while since the games page has been updated. You can look at Steve Brown's excellent win at Newcastle played in the Major cup two weeks ago here.

We are always looking for new games to publish - for any members who would like to see their game annotated, please pass your game sheet on.

Alsager A Turn the Tables on their Newcastle Counterpart.
15th Feb 2012  Having suffered a heavy defeat against Newcastle A back in November, Alsager were in the mood for revenge tonight away to a marginally stronger Newcastle A.
We were not disappointed with a tremendous 3.5 to 1.5 win, and with no losses, and thanks to wins from Julian and Klaudia.
Newcastle remain at the top of the table, however Alsager are now only two points behind but with a game in hand.

Alan Paling  0.5  Simon Hood  0.5

Barry Jones  0.5  Kamil Zak  0.5
Ian Jamieson  0  Julian Kirk-O'Grady  1
Robbie Coats  0.5  John Booth  0.5
Martyn Harris  0  Klaudia Zak  1 

Alsager through to the U150 Major Cup Semi-Final
9th Feb 2012  Alsager achieved a convincing win away to Newcastle in the Major Cup replay, with no losses. We will face Fenton in March for the semi-final.

Sam Onions  0.5  Alan Thomason  0.5
Nick McLean  0  Gordon Parker  1
John Day  0.5  Doug Barnett  0.5
Watson Fuller  0  Steve Brown  1
Pete Shaw  0.5  Andrew Barker  0.5 

9 games - and only one point!
9th Feb 2012  Alsager league results were not too inspiring this week- with a single half point (thanks to Oliver) from our division four match against Cheddleton.

James Kingston  0  Matthew Wyza  1
Oliver Horrocks  0.5  Jack Healings  0.5
Richard Martin  0  Jacob Boswell  1
Les Hall  0  Samuel Beardmore  1 

On the same night our first team avoided a whitewash at home to bottom of the league Stafford, when Frank on board 5 achieved a draw.

Simon Hood  0  Gerald Acey  1
Julian Kirk-O'Grady  0  Lee Grinsell  1
John Booth  0  Malcolm Armstrong  1
Brian Birchall  0  Stephane Pedder  1
Frank Clarke  0.5  Pavlo Nefyodiv  0.5 

Alsager B Lose to Macclesfield in Division Two
2nd Feb 2012  A single win from Kamil and draws from Doug and Michael were not enough to gain any points away to Macclesfield last night.

David Risley  0  Kamil Zak  1
John-Paul Taylor  1  Klaudia Zak  0
Phil Cattermole  0.5  Doug Barnett  0.5
Ray Pomeroy  1  Andrew Barker  0
Alan Sime  0.5  Michael Matar  0.5 

Alsager D Road to Recovery
31st Jan 2012 With wins from Oliver and Andy on boards two and four, Dick's team continued on the long upward haul from the bottom of Division 4 with a draw against Fenton D in Division 4 last night. Alsager have overtaken Meir B and are now level with Fenton D in 5th position - a good start to the second half of the season.

Neal Davies  1  Neville Jones  0
Joe Orsolics  0  Oliver Horrocks  1
Roy Hammersley  1  Richard Martin  0
Keith Plimmer  0  Andrew Barker  1 

Oliver is now in second place behind Alan on 62% performance and with a few more wins has a good chance to take the Club Trophy.

January grades have now been issued - however, except where a player was previously ungraded, the July 2011 grades will remain in place for league games played during the rest of this season - the only league players affected are Kamil (159) and Steve Brown (126).

January grades will however be in force for the South Cheshire Shield U140 this year, which runs from April to September.

Alsager Trounce Cheddleton A
28th Jan 2012 After a no-show from our board two, Kamil, a weakened Alsager A put in a very strong performance to beat Cheddleton A 3-2, with wins from Simon, Julian and Alan - Alsager A are now second in the table behind Newcastle.

Simon Edwards  0  Simon Hood 1
Dave Buxton     1  Default     0
Rafal Stepien    1  John Booth 0
Lezcek Stepien  0  Julian O'Grady 1
John Yee         0  Alan Thomason 1

Earlier in the week, on Tuesday, Alsager B lost narrowly to Newcastle in division two - with Sam winning on board 3 deciding the match in Newcastle's favour. In any case, we were pleased to welcome Frank Clarke to the club - after many years break from chess he achieved an easy draw against John Day - well done Frank.

John Booth  0.5  Alan Paling  0.5
Douglas Barnett  0.5  Martyn Harris  0.5
Brian Birchall  0  Sam Onions  1
Frank Clarke  0.5  John Day  0.5
Neville Jones  0.5  Paul Clapham  0.5 

... and a mystery result on Wednesday when Alsager C played an away game against Stafford B in division 3. At this point neither captain has reported the results to the league - come on Neville - who won?

Club Trophy Race is on
18th Jan 2012 Prompted by the recent addition of a members performance page on Fenton's fine site, you can now view player statistics via the members page, or click here .

The player with the best performance percentage at the end of the season will be Club Trophy holder.

You have to have played at least eight games during the season to take part- and there's still plenty of time to knock Alan off the top spot - let's see what you can do. 

Alsager D Move up the Table
17th Jan 2012 Last night, Alsager gained the full two points away to Meir B with two wins and a draw.This was enough to relinquish the bottom position in Division 4 to Newcastle E. A very close battle in this division promises some exciting matches ahead.

Clive Ferry  0  Neville Jones  1
Tom Healey  0.5  John Smith  0.5
Eddie Burke  0  Oliver Horrocks  1
Stuart Green  1  Richard Martin  0

Good News for A- Bad News for C
12th Jan 2012 With 3 of Alsager's top players unavailable, a weakened Alsager A defeated the Kings in a very close match at home on Tuesday. The score after boards 1 3 and 5 had finished playing was 2-1 to Holmes Chapel Kings. John (with Queen against Rook and Knight) and Klaudia (with a one pawn lead in a 3 minute time scramble), were able to produce wins on boards 2 and 4 to take the match. 

Kamil Zak 1/2   Pat Bennett 1/2
John Booth 1    M. Hancock  0
Alan Thomason 0 John Turner 1
Klaudia Zak 1   Andrew Raeburn 0
Doug Barnett 1/2 Ian Bates  1/2 

Alsager C moved to the bottom of division three after losing at home to a much stronger Cheddleton C. 

Brian Birchall 1/2    Roger Edwards  1/2
Andy Barker 0    Alastair McFadden   1
Neville Jones 1/2  David Hallen  1/2
Richard Martin 1/2  Frank Bruce 1/2

South Cheshire Shield 2012
8th Jan 2012 We are keen to build on the success of the U140 South Cheshire Shield which was launched in 2011. This year, the competition will be slightly extended to run from April until end of September, and again Alsager, Holmes Chapel and Kidsgrove will participate. 

With three clubs taking part, each team plays four matches (4 persons per team - one home and one away game.) 

We would like one other club to join in - with an additional club, each team would play 6 matches, which would work out nicely at one match per month.

If you think your club may be interested, please get in touch with us here.

First Game of the Year - Victory!
8th Jan 2012 Alsager D started the year well with a 3-1 win against Newcastle E on Monday. 

Brian Birchall  1  Pete Shaw  0
Neville Jones  0  Paul Clapham  1
Oliver Horocks  1  Steven Cooper  0
Richard Martin  1  Hamid Shabani  0 

Happy New Year To All - A Mid Season Report   
8th Jan 2012 After a strong start to the season in all four divisions, Alsager tailed off badly in the last quarter, and managed only one draw and 12 losses out of the last 13 matches played. 

We ended the mid-season at the middle of the division one and two league tables, next to bottom of division three, and bottom of division four.

It was disappointing to concede the Open Cup match against Stafford back in November in the first round, but it was impossible to put a team together, with all five of our top players unavailable - either out of te country or working away.
For all of that,  we are pleased to report only one defaulted board throughout the season and only one
postponed  match - a major improvement on past seasons.
We are also pleased to have been able to give our new players some games this season, and I am sure as they get more experience their results will improve. Well done to Andy with only 2 losses out of the five games he has played so far this season - not bad after a 30 year break from chess, and a special thanks to Les who has turned out at very short notice for away games. 

In 2010, Brian was our most prolific player, accumulating over 30 games for the club. This season, chess has taken a back seat to his other occupation as a band musician, which means that he has only really been available for home games - a bit of a set back for the club, and without doubt this has cost us points. Put the trumpet away Brian - we need you!

A special thank you to Oliver, Neville, and Dick who between them have notched up close to 40 games, contributing between them more points than any other player.

To all of our members and any other visitors -  Very Best Wishes for 2012 and Thank You for your support.