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AGM 2011


Alsager Chess Club AGM Minutes 2011

Date & Venue: Radway Club, 28-June 2011

Present: A. Thomason, R. Martin, Ka. Zak, B Birchall, S.Hood

Apologies For Absence: D. Barnett, J. Booth, S. Duncan, O. Horrocks, N.Jones, J. O'Grady, R. Kermeen, G. Parker, J.Postance, J.Smith, T.Sullivan, Kl. Zak, B. Zitha, J. Savas, S. Brown

There were no attendees at the 2010 AGM and therefore no minutes recorded or matters arising.

Officers’ Reports

Chairman: Alan Thomason commented on the continued success and growth seen at the club. His focus is on improving the club experience for members, and the need to expand on club events, to engage more members to get involved and to assist in the running of the club. 

Captains Report: Alan Thomason reported a very successful season for Alsager C, achieving second place in the NSDCA Div 4- also respectable mid-table results for Alsager A & B. Two matches were defaulted this season - one of which was without notice. This situation must be avoided in future.

Secretary: Alan Thomason reported that the club now has its own web site which has proved successful in the short time since it was published (end of May 2011). Another initiative has been to establish and sponsor the South Cheshire Shield which is currently in progress.

Treasurer:  Alan Thomason presented the accounts. 4 players had paid £10 each this season, with a zero opening balance and league fees of £90 the deficit of £50 was donated by Datamore Limited. The closing balance was £0. Subscription fees for the coming season 2011 - 2012 were agreed by all present to be set at £10 to £20 per member based on number of games played in the 2010 season.
Budget for 2011: NSDCA fees £100, Room Rent £50, Sponsorship £100, Advertising/Web £60 club events £70.

2011 Forecast

Total Outgoings as above: £380
Subscription Income: £250
Sponsorship and Donations: £150

Other Business: Venue and Clubnight it was agreed by all present that the new venue would be the Alsager Cricket Club, which it was felt would be a more appropriate backdrop to the club activites, and that the new club night would be Tuesday. It was accepted that this would not be the preferred night for all players, but was the best choice to make overall. The last Tuesday of each month - the club room is booked to the Alsager Gardeners, and therefore we would have to ask the NSDCA fixtures manager to take this into account. If this proves to be unacceptable, we would need to reconsider our club night.

It was agreed that in the coming season we would participate in the following:

NSDCA league four teams - A-D one in each division 1-4 respective captains being Alan Thomason, Kamil Zak, Neville Jones and Dick Martin.

SC Shield - one 4 board team during the summer months if the competition continues to run next year.

An internal club championship - most likely a Swiss 7 round event, each pairing to make own arrangements to play game on 'free' home night at the cricket club. If lack of response from other club members, consider an all-play-all. Alan Thomason to poll members.

Equipment: The equipment we currently have is considered adequate for the coming season. Stock check to be undertaken during the summer.

Election of Officials: The following were (all!!) elected unopposed;

Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer A. Thomason

Meeting Closed 20:30


Alsager Chess Club AGM Agenda 2011

Date: 15-06-2011

Alan Thomason, Chairman

The Annual General meeting of The Alsager Chess Club will take place at The Radway Club on Tuesday, 28/06/2011 from 19:30 to 20:30

1) Apologies

2) Minutes of the last AGM

3) Chairperson's Report

4) Secretary's Report

5) Treasurer's Report

6) Captain's Report

7) Motions

  • Change of home venue from the Radway Club to the Alsager Leisure Centre
  • Change of club night from Thursday to Tuesday
  • Subscriptions to be varied based on number of games played in the previous seasons - concessions to Juniors and Students

8) Election of Officers:

  • Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

9) Any Other Business

  • Number of teams for the 2011/2012 season
  • Selection of NSDCA League divisions in which we wish to participate
  • Selection of other NSDCA cups in which we wish to participate
  • South Cheshire Shield
  • Club Championship - Swiss/all play all handicap/ladder
  • Payment of subscriptions  

10) Date for next AGM